The building that currently houses Manci’s was built in 1924, and may have started as a fruit stand and gas station. In 1936, it was opened as Manci’s Antique Club, one year after prohibition ended. Buster Manci started collecting antiques to hang on the wall, and as the years passed many customers would bring him items to add to the wall.  His wife Toosie added to the collection with many items purchased on their travels.

Manci’s Antique Club later went on to become a famous local watering hole, and the collection of antiques and collectables continued to grow over the years. Manci’s is home to one of the world’s largest Jim Beam collections, which is owned by the family, but will continue to be displayed in the remodeled venue.

Dozens of items will be sold at the auction on April 11th, with the proceeds being used to help remodel the building.

Auction will be held April 11th, starting at noon, with a preview the day before starting at 3 pm and ending at 6 pm.

Auction will be conducted by Gene Fry Auctions & Marketing, Inc.. For more information, visit their website, or call 251-989-7481.